Liposuction – does it work?

What is Liposuction?
Liposuction is a procedure where a surgeon surgically removes fat from your body.

How does it work?
The surgeon first pumps a substance called tumescent into the area where fat is to be removed. This softens the fat cells. After around 20 minutes the surgeon then inserts a very fine tube and ‘tunnels’ it in and out of the flesh to get the fat loosened and the suction going. The softened fat is then sucked through the tube and collected into a measuring cylinder. Liposuction is quite a violent procedure, so you can expect a lot of pain, bruising and swelling for up to two weeks after the operation. You’ll have to wear a tight corset for 2 weeks and will be inactive for 1-2 weeks. You will have 1-2 small scars from the cuts made to insert tubes.

Will it make me slim?
It is only safe to remove a maximum of 4 lbs of fat in any liposuction operation, so it won’t make you slim unless you have quite a number of operations! There is also some evidence that whilst you won’t put weight on in the same place (the fat cells have been removed) you can still put weight on elsewhere and nearby, sometimes creating some strange shapes! Liposuction does not get rid of cellulite either, as the fat is removed from a deeper level. Liposuction works best on people who are slim with ‘pockets’ of fat they want to remove, so it is no real substitute for diet and exercise.

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