Aluminum Air Charters

We provide services for corporations/ sports teams/ athletic management companies and the entertainement industry. In today’s economy we understand that operating your own flight department or fractional ownership isn’t the most affordable and efficient way to handle personal or complex travel needs.

An aviation aluminum distributor can be your entire corporate flight dept and we are just one phone call away. We provide all the services comparable to owning and operating your own aircraft without the costs and the operational concerns. With fast response and efficient service we can help increase the productivity of your business. As a corporation or private member of our platinum plan you can also gather frequent charter miles towards aircraft upgrades and amenities on future flights.

Our Services include:

  • A Large variety of aircraft to suit your needs, ranging from King Airs to Executive class Boeing 737’s
  • Custom Catering to meet specific dietary needs of athletes
  • Company travel planning and forecasting
  • Multiple Aircraft, multiple departure points and multiple destinations
  • Complete confidentiality and privacy
  • Security
  • Amenities such as: Video Conferencing, Internet, DVD, Conference and presentation capabilities etc.

For further information on corporate accounts with ACP contact

Foreign Art and Self-Storage Units

Because we understand that timely delivery and immaculate preservation of Art Works are of utmost importance during transportation, we have created a Department dedicated to handling Travelling Art. Whether your Art is being exhibited in Singapore or Overseas, we provide a comprehensive range of logistics services to Auctioners, Art Galleries, Art Fair Organisers and Museums as described below:

Foreign Art Works exhibited in Singapore and Asia:

  • Pack with Professional Packing Materials,
  • Manufacture Wooden Crates,
  • Marking,
  • Load & secure fine art items inside the crates,
  • Prepare Export Cargo Permits with TDB,
  • Negotiate & Book space with Air & Ocean Carriers,
  • Issue Shipping documentation (Bills of Ladings, Airway Bills, Certificate of Origins, ATA carnets),
  • Cover & Issue Fine Arts Cargo Marine Insurance,
  • Deliver to overseas Residence , Art Gallery or Museum,
  • Unpack, Place into Residence , Gallery or Museum & remove packing debris.
  • Itinerant Exhibitions of Asian Fine Arts :

Travelling of Asian Art Exhibitions Overseas:

Our Experience & our overseas network of carefully selected Agents allows us to organize packing & shipping of Art anywhere in Asia as well as Pacific, Europe & North America. Our services include:

  • Building of ‘made to measure ‘ fine art crates & ‘flying cases’,
  • Precise & legible marking of the works,
  • Issuing & monitoring of ATA Carnets,
  • Booking & securing of space with air & ocean carriers,
  • Preparing Temporary Import Permits at destination,
  • Tracking & Monitoring of the Art pieces,
  • Unpacking & Delivery to Exhibitions & Auction Sites,
  • CISCO escorting for valuable items,
  • Temporary Storage of Art Works in Air Conditioned & Safe premises,
  • Storage in Empty cases,
  • Re-Packing & Shipping of Fine Art pieces after Exhibition,
  • Full risks marine insurance coverage for ‘in-transit’ art,

Import customs clearance & Delivery to the next Exhibition, or return to the country of origin.