Every morning during Sesame Street, Big Bird reminds me and my three-year old daughter that “Asking questions is a good way of finding things out!” I couldn’t agree more. Asking questions is definitely the most important part of the “research” stage and a great way to uncover the level of customer service a Web hosting company offers. Some questions to ask: • How do you define customer service? • Will you go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction? • How do you anticipate customer needs? • Will you ask me – your customer – for input into what’s working and what’s not? Demand anytime, anywhere accessibility:  The availability of 24/7/365, live customer support is critical and a service you[…]

Set realistic goals and don’t try and achieve your goals over night. Find a routine that works easily into your schedule. Get an jump rope exercise buddy. This could be a friend who also wants to start a workout program. Get friends and family to give you motivation, support and help hold you accountable. Get plenty of rest…life can be overwhelming at times. Your body and mind need time to recharge. You will also have more energy to workout. Don’t measure your success by weight lose alone. Measure your energy level, self-esteem, happiness and over all well-being. Set up an appointment each day to take care of yourself. Exercise, meditate, pamper yourself or take a power nap. Don’t feel guilty[…]

In the beginning our house looked like this! Wife liked it, I hated it — zero curb appeal… But I wasn’t moving, great neighborhood, a short walk to neighborhood beach, public and community boat dock, etc. Love the location… What do they say in real estate — location, location, location…and maybe a good home organizer to boot. Our renovation was to a home located in the Old (Original) White Bear Lake, MN. This one and a half story home of many dormers that had 2 actual bedrooms a study and one bathroom on the second floor, and one bathroom on the first floor. The new structure, will have 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, study, and a second floor laundry.

Some freelance photographers who do not have the overhead of a studio may shoot your wedding and then turn over the negatives, as part of the contract.   Some freelancers only operate this way, preferring a $600 job for a few hours work and not having to drive all over town afterwards to have your film processed.  They prefer to just shoot, and turn over the film to you.  But they can only afford to do this because they don’t have the overhead of a studio.   You still may want to have them print the initial photos for your album to be safe. Then ask for your negatives afterwards, so you can make all the prints you want for family and[…]

Choosing between health plans is not as easy as it once was especially when finding the right spine surgeon for your case. Although there is no one “best” plan, there are some plans that will be better than others for you and your family’s health needs. Plans differ, both in how much you have to pay and how easy it is to get the services you need. Although no plan will pay for all the costs associated with your medical care, some plans will cover more than others. Almost all plans today have ways to reduce unnecessary use of health care—and keep down the costs of health care, too. This may affect how easily you get the care you want, but[…]

Ok this seems too coincidental, but about three days prior to my major leakage discovery, someone left a flyer on my windshield for a mobile mechanic service, which is pretty handy when you live in an apartment complex and you can’t drive your car anywhere to have it worked on, and you’ve become lazy about working on cars. So I called the guy up and he came out to look at my car. He asked me a few questions, then we filled up the radiator and let the car run. All this time, my “light” on the dash for overheating never worked, so we talked about adding an after market gauge, then sat there for a while waiting for the car[…]